Sunday, 14 December 2014

I'm.. Dreaming of a White Christmas

Colors used: Angelpro 128 & chunky glitters~

Colors used: Angelpro 47, Harmony Golden Treasure

Color used: Angelpro 128

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Stay warm but stay glitzy!

Hey there!

Our opening promotions have ended but fret not! We always come up with better promotions and very competitive prices :) 

Christmas is round the corner, have you gotten your nails done yet? Here's an example of what we did this week; red x gold Christmas themed nails! Each finger is unique and very detailed. Besides the usual glitters, we glammed things up with a holographic red base (2nd finger from the left, and it looks waaay better in real life) and a cute snowglobe (third finger from the right).

Colors used: Harmony Golden Treasure, Gelish Queen of Hearts

We get that there's still a few weeks to Christmas but...

...we will waive Christmas surcharge ($10) for appointments on 13th Dec (Sat),14th Dec (Sun) & also 20th Dec (Sat), 21st Dec (Sun), if you book 4 days in advance! All other timeslots in December are subjected to a surcharge of $10 should the booking be done under 4 days. Do email your enquiries to! Do note that our slots are very limited, but may open up more should we afford time to :)

P.s. Spicanails is also on Carousell, selling some unique nail art items. If you'd like them in your nail design, do let us know!